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Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Best offer

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    • 6¼" long with a 1-3/8" x 1/8" thick A-2 Steel blade.
    • Body is surface ground flat and square to a tolerance of less than .001".
    • Moveable shoe to allow precise control over the mouth opening in front of the blade.
    • Blade is bedded at 12°. Blades are ground with a 25° flat bevel.
    • Bronze cap iron is large and comfortable.

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    Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Best offer Block Planes come in many shapes and sizes - all have the blade bevel up. Low Angle Block Planes have the blade bedded at 12°. We grind a 25° flat bevel on our Block Plane blades. This works well on end grain and general purpose work. Higher cutting angles will give excellent results in figured and difficult woods. Our Low Angle Block Plane has an appealing feel in the hand and is a pleasure to use. It is versatile, of a convenient size, and cuts with the authority of 1½ pounds behind every stroke. Useful for every sort of woodworking job, this tool will quickly become a favorite. An ideal companion to the Low Angle Jack Plane. You can easily adjust the tool to suit the work being done; a very fine mouth setting for finishing work and the merest shavings, or an ample opening for rank cuts. At Lie-Nielsen Toolworks we handcraft heirloom quality tools in Maine. Our Mission is to design and create beautiful, heirloom quality, hand tools that inspire woodworkers and other artisans. Through exceptional support and education, our customers receive the same personal attention we put into our tools.

    With the proper information you will understand why Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Best offer is considered to be one of the best products currently available on the market, known for its wide set of applications and solid structure.

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    Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Best offer

    After spending many hours fighting with a new Stanley Sweetheart low angle block plane, trying to get it to cut properly, I gave up on it and sent it back. Stanley 12-139 Bailey No.60-1/2 Low Angle Block Plane. I looked around at the low angle planes that are available today and decided on the Lie-Nielsen. Wow, what a difference! Out of the box, the Lie-Nielsen was producing very thin shavings, with no effort at all.

    This plane feels very comfortable in my hands. The sole is flat and the blade is thick and sharp. What is really nice is the smooth operation of the adjustment controls. It is so pleasant and easy to use, getting good cuts, that I ordered the standard angle block plane direct from Lie-Nielsen, even though I already have a very good standard block plane.

    If you enjoy tools that are pleasing to the eye, then this plane is a sure candidate. On top of being a great working plane, it looks great too. The brass parts compliment the stainless steel and cast iron parts very well. The fit and finish of the tool is as good as anything I've seen, certainly better than most.

    With proper care, this tool will work well for you for many years and will do the same for your kids and grandkids. Heirloom quality, and great value for the money, is the way I'd describe this tool.

    The bottom line is that if you enjoy woodworking and don't enjoy spending hours working on a tool getting it to the point where it works properly, this is the tool to buy. I've seen opinions stating that cheaper tools are as good as the Lie-Nielsen or Veritas tools, after spending time and effort to "tune" them. Well, for this woodworker, that's a bunch of hooey. I've spent those hours on other tools, trying to get them to work properly. I don't enjoy doing that and I don't think that I should have to do that. I don't spend hours on my sanders and saws and other tools, getting them to work properly. They work the way they're supposed to work, when I buy them. Planes shouldn't be any different. I've spent many hours truing up the sole, sides and blade of a new Stanley #90 bullnose plane, Rabbet Plane, Bullnose, No. 90, after paying $110 for it. It still isn't performing as well as I think it should be. I really regret going cheap on this plane instead of buying the Veritas plane for another $50.... Read more ›

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    Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Best Offer model HOT DEALS