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The Festool 490780 Do-It-Yourself Kit Hot deals with good price, For creating your own sanding pad to match custom profiles.

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Festool 490780 Do-It-Yourself Kit Hot deals - Special Deals

    Festool 490780 Do-It-Yourself Kit Hot deals has fabulous features

    • Linear Sander Do-It-Yourself Pad Kit
    • Create your own sanding oad to match your custom profiles

    Real Customer Reviews

    Festool 490780 Do-It-Yourself Kit Hot deals

    I was a bit skeptical in purchasing this, but I had a 'custom' profile I wanted to sand, so I gave it a try.

    It worked very very well.

    First and foremost, read the directions AND FOLLOW THE RECOMEDATIONS / TIPS!

    The instructions are straighforward and easy to understand, however more importantly are the NB: or Tips. Read those and follow them.

    I started by cutting and routing a new Profile piece about 3" high and about 6" longer than the sanding pad on each end. (I wasn't going to experiment on my project!). I then cut and Jointed a "Fence' piece about 6" high which I mounted to a Base Board. The Sanding Blank is 8cm wide, so I centered the Profile piece 4 cm from the fence face and secured it to the baseboard.

    From there, attach the Adhesive backed Red StickFix to the middle of your profile piece, and follow the directions from there. The fence will keep the sander from shifting left/right so it will will sand strainght down on your profile piece, and you will get a crisp, clean profile block.

    Also make sure to clamp the entire assembly (Jig) to your bench before you start making the profile block.

    When its time to drill the holes in the StickFix for the Dust ports, carefully drill from the back with a smaller bit so you don't damage the block, then use a sharp Xacto knife from the front and trim out the waste.

    Use dust collection and good ventilation as the sanding will generate alot of dust, and the Contact Cement is the real stuff, so don't use it in a closed area.

    It took about 90 minutes total, including the time to build the Profile Jig/Fence, to complete this and once your done, its ready to use.

    One thing I noticed though is that on tighter curved profiles, the Rubin is very thick and while it will stay in the pad, the thinner Brilliant 2 would be easier to manipulate.

    The cost is a bit high, (Well it IS Festool!) but the kit has everything you neeed including spares, and the included parts are pretty good quality. Besides, you put this much work into a project, you might as well finish it properly!Goiong forward, I will now make sure to always create an extra profile section when building a project, for the purpose of creating a sanding block

    As I mentioned at the begining, it works great, and my profile on the project I was building sanded up beatifully. The biggest benefit to using something like this is you won't accidently square off an edge or damage a profile trying to use a RO, Flatsander or generic profile shapes.

    You could even use these as Hand sanding profile blocks without the sander, but making it without the aid of the sander would be monotonous. Read more ›

    Special Price: $57.00

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