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Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer Today Deals

Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer Today Deals Detail Features and Description :

Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer Today Deals has fabulous features
  • Quickly print up to 25 pages per minute in black and color plus produce a 1 page color document in as little as 11 seconds
  • Easily print up to 5000 pages per month plus enjoy fewer maintenance hassles thanks to our state of the art paper handling
  • With the ability to print professional color in-house you will save time and money typically spent on expensive outside printing alternatives
Description The small and quiet Lexmark CS310dn network-ready color laser printer with 2-sided printing standard, a 800 MHz dual-core processor and 256MB of standard memory prints at up to 25 ppm black and color.

Real Customer Reviews

Lexmark CS310dn Color Laser Printer Today Deals

I’ve had my Lexmark printer for what I feel is a short time. In that period, I have printed only a handful of color print jobs due to the obscene cost of color toner. (Current cost is about $80 USD for each of the three colors, $240 USD total.) My Lexmark manual says that I can set my printer to print in True Black mode. The documentation clearly states “True Black – utilizes only the Black toner to produce a black print…” and will not use color toner to produce what Lexmark calls composite black. You can find this on their website also. It is one of the things that I noticed in my research to buy a new printer. Please note that the default setting for printing black text is to use black along with the color toner to produce a better black. (This is the information that I got from Lexmark technical support after many hours.)

Imagine my surprise when I was no longer able to print a black and white text document because of a “Yellow Toner Empty” error. Many hours with Lexmark technical support gained me this knowledge… Any error, at all, will cause the printer to stop printing. I asked technical support many times why do I need yellow toner to print black and white? And more importantly, if I am printing in True Black, why is it going to the yellow toner? After answers like “you are just trying to get out of buying supplies”, “I don’t know. I didn’t design it”, and “That is just the way it is set up.”, I finally got the answer (from Anthony K. S.) stating that this ‘hard stop error’ will prevent all print jobs from being processed. Regardless if I need the yellow toner or not.

My next argument is that if I have rarely printed color print jobs, why am I out of yellow (and, as it turns out, almost out of every other color also)? This took level 3 tech support to answer. As it turns out, Lexmark designs its printers so when it prints using True Black mode, it uses only the black toner to get a pure/true black result. However after the job is complete, it sends a command to “turn another motor [calibrates]” and goes though the other toner colors. According to Lexmark level 3 tech support “Even if the printer will always print B&W text eventually the CMY toners will run out”

YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! The default is to use all toner colors when printing black, unless you disable that feature. Then, it will just waste the color toner by dumping it out of the cartridges each time you print. Not only will this cost you hundreds of dollars more for printing only black and white, but what an unbelievable impact on the environment! If you are a company, I cannot even imagine the cost to your bottom line!

I’m not sure if all printer manufacturers are this unbelievably deceitful. But what I can tell you, without a doubt, that Lexmark is. Do not ever by a Lexmark printer of any model. If this company fails because of its unethical and deceitful business practices, perhaps it will send a message to the others. Ask yourself, as a society, when are you going to start taking control? You vote with your wallet. Read more ›

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#Sale++ $229.99 Lexmark Cs310dn Color Laser Printer Today Deals

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#Sale++ $229.99 Lexmark Cs310dn Color Laser Printer Today Deals