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  • Designed to reduce digging effort by up to 80%
  • Blade's edge is sharpened from tip to tail
  • Use in rocky or dense clay soil
  • 41" overall length with D-grip handle
  • Made in USA
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All Spear Head Spade blades are designed from the ground up to handle your most difficult digging situations while reducing effort by up to 80%. The unique "Patent Pending" blade profile gives it the impressive ability to auto-seek the path of least resistance and then gradually ease, wedge, and cut through the most challenging of conditions. Spear Head Spade blades are made of high carbon manganese steel that is 33% thicker and 25% harder than normal shovels. They are sharpened from tip to tail at a 35 degree angle to give them an effective and durable edge. They are powder coated with an epoxy resin for durability and ease of cleaning. Generous forward bent foot rests make digging more comfortable, prevent entanglement with roots, and enable the blade to hold more soil. All shovels are made with reinforced fiberglass handles. You will find that they are among the lightest and strongest shovels on the market. They are also highly weather resistant, low maintenance, and non-conductive. Please note - although the fiberglass handle is non-conductive, always contact Call Before You Dig before digging and be extra careful when working around electricity. The SHFD2 has a light weight cushioned polymeric grip, designed to make it easier and more comfortable when doing tough digging. The grip also has UV inhibitors that allow it to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

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We have seven garden beds in our back yard and digging up plants for replanting, or just planting new ones used to be a test of patience. With this smaller spade shovel, you can get between plants and dig deeper to plant new ones in smaller places. It was exactly what we needed. It is well built and stays sharp. Perfect for the careful gardener.
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#Sale++ $49.00 Spear Head Spade Best Buy

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#Sale++ $49.00 Spear Head Spade Best Buy