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Hot Vaportek Cartridge - High Output (for Optimum, Restorator) Cyber monday

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HID Hut carries the Vaportek High Output Replacement Cartridge for Optimum and Restorator Systems(lasts 120 days) in the Classic Neutral scent. This clean, fresh fragrance is based on a blend of eucalyptus and pine oils, creating an effective, natural odor neutralizer. The powerful ingredients make it ideal for treating areas with severe malodor problems.

Buyer Reviews

I use several Vaportek products and have had experience with them since 1998. I use to own a mold abatement and fire restoration company and Vaportek products were our product of choice for odor elimination. I'll give you a quick rundown:

* If using Vaportek products for a grow, place the unit inside the grow area. The vapor will not harm plants. Many who run Vaportek products run a unit inside and a unit outside the grow for fail safe protection.

* For all Vaportek products, Neutral Scent is by far the strongest odor eliminating scent. The other scents can be used alongside the neutral in order to alleviate some of the clean hospital smell the neutral gives off. The other scents are indeed powerful, but they seem to mask odor more than eliminate it like the neutral scent does.

Vaportek Discs - About $2.25 per disk. Available in several scents. These work good by themselves hung in small cabinets or in the Vaportek EZ Twist Refillable Odor Controller. They give off a very potent scent. I do not recommend the Vaportek wall cabinet system, it is not worth the money. Used in a standard room, a few will eliminate odor for a few days to a week. You will get better mileage in small spaces like a cabinet. I do not recommend these for a room the size of a bedroom or larger. Vaportek makes equipment and membranes for larger areas as discussed below. The lower the humidity in the environment you are using the disks in the quicker they will be rendered useless and need to be replaced. If the disks are placed on or in the path of airflow from a fan, the scent will be carried and the volume of of treated air will be increased but the longevity of the disk will be decreased.

Vaportek Optimum 4000 Odor Controller - About $180, you will need to purchase a cartridge as well for about $60. Excellent for bedroom size grows and other similar sized areas where odor is an issue. You use this unit with a Vaportek Cartridge - High Output. These cartridges will last 30-90 days depending on the volume of air being treated. There are settings on the unit to increase/decrease output to help dial in for the size space you are treating. This unit will handle a 20 x 20' room without issue. This unit has a very low watt draw and should be used continuously.

Vaportek Restorator Odor Controller (w/cartridge) - About $290 with a cartridge. This unit is not to be used continuously. It is great for eliminating odors in larger spaces than the Optimum 4000 can handle but it should not run continuously for more than 72 hours. These are used by people during large trim sessions. For continuous use in larger spaces, use two or more of the optimum 4000 above or 1 or more of the Vaportek Shark or VP-1 discussed below. The Restorator can makes its way through a cartridge in as little as 12 days. Like all Vaportek appliances, it has a low watt draw.

The Vaportek Shark and The Vaportek VP-1 (also known as the Portable Industrial Appliance) - About $600 and $1000 respectively. The difference between the two is capacity. The Shark treats up to 50,000 cu ft and holds 5 membranes that treat up to 10,000 cu ft each. The VP-1 treats up to 200,000 cu ft by holding up to 10 membranes that treat up to 20,000 cu ft each. You will need to purchase membranes separately. Membranes run $190 for 5 for the Shark and $220 for 4 or $690 for a pack of 12 for the VP-1. These units cover allot of space. A warehouse or similar. They offer whole house coverage. They can be ducted right in to an HVAC system for entire building overage. You can vary the power of the unit by increasing/decreasing the number of membranes placed inside. You can also run the unit on a timer. In our 5,000 sq ft facility, we run a CAP cycle timer with a 1 minute on 4 minutes off cycle with a VP-1 hard ducted into our buildings HVAC and run 5 membranes at a time for aprox 30-40 days of desired results. The Shark membranes can be used in the VP-1 and vice versa, though the larger membranes in the Shark are a tight fit. These units have no problem with continuous operation. They both can be purchased directly from Vaportek along with their respective membranes should you have a hard time finding them for sale elsewhere.

I get asked about their effectiveness when compared to carbon scrubbers and ozone generators. The short answer is, when used properly, they blow carbon scrubbers out of the water and they are much safer to plants and people than ozone as well as faster acting. That said, many people run scrubbers with the Vaportek units. Many do not. We do, maybe force of habit more than anything. The main difference is the fact that there is a maintenance necessity as well as a need for consumables with the Vaporteks. If you stay on top of disk/cartridge/membrane replacement and properly size a unit for your needs, you will be blown away by its performance. You typically have to replace your carbon or the scrubber every 6 months to a year anyway depending on usage. A properly sized good scrubber will set you back about what the cartridges would for an equally effective, properly sized Vaportek. The real difference is this, when set-up properly and maintained, the Vaportek lets NOTHING in terms of smell leave the grow!

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Vaportek Cartridge High Output For Optimum Restorator Cyber Monday #Sale++ model